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Welcome to Mier

Situated adjacent to one of the world’s largest conservation areas, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, is a municipality bigger than the Free State Province. The municipal area of Mier includes the communities of Rietfontein, Philandersbron, Loubos, Klein Mier, Groot Mier, Welkom, Askham and Noenieput.
One of the world’s ancient tribes, the !Khomani San, own farms in the Mier area. Members of the !Khomani San produce and sell authentic San weapons like bow and arrow and curios like beads made out of the shell of ostrich eggs or bags made out of animal skins.

Mier is any hunter’s dream. The Mier municipality owns 30 000ha of game farms. These and other, privately owned game farms offer hunting opportunities and provide facilities for biltong making. The services of trained hunting guides, field guides and tour guides can be obtained through the municipal offices.
The Mier area is sheep and game farming area. The lack of fresh water is a major constraint on development in the Mier area, since water pumped from underground sources is of poor quality. Efforts are currently being made to extend the Kalahari East pipeline to Mier, to provide the much needed resource.

More than half of the 6000 people living in Mier have never left the area. Even so, the biggest asset of Mier is the rich culture and history of its people.

More than seventy percent of the residents of Philandersbron carry the surname “Philander” – some spelt with a “Ph”, some with a “V”. These people were known as “Bastards” for many years. The burial place of their ancestor, Dirk Philander, can be seen in Philandersbron.

Klipkolk guesthouse, managed on behalf of the Mier municipality by Hendrik and Getruida Bott, as well as other private guesthouses, serve traditional food like tripe, sheep’s head, and n’abbas on request. Mier offers room to play for 4x4 enthusiasts. A 4x4 route stretches from Rietfontein to Pulai, while the red sands of the Mier town common are tempting.

Various species of raptors nest in the majestic gray camel thorn tree. The white backed vulture is the most impressive of these. These animals can strip a 50kg carcass within 3min. At Rietfontein, situated 3km from the Namibian border, diamonds were mined years ago. The fountain also boasts rich bird life.

Vital statistics:
Situated 280 km from Upington. Warm summers with day temperatures of up to 40º C. Cool winters with frost.
Annual rain fall average 120mm. Air strip at Rietfontein
Also available: Trips on camel back, donkey cart tours, Sand surfing, tours to the Lost City of the Kalahari
Mier Municipality
0545312 ask for Mier 19
Green Kalahari Tourism
(054) 337-2826
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.