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Welcome to Groblershoop

In a land of contrasts, through arid hills and plains, twists a green ribbon, bringing life and prosperity. At the gateway to the Green Kalahari you will find the village of Groblershoop. In building his historic water turbine in the Orange River on his farm Winstead in 1913, Charles Newberry certainly showed his determination. The cement used in the construction of the weir and turbine was shipped in barrels from France. Entering the country through Algoa Bay, it was transported to the site by donkey cart. On the same farm seven graves tell the story of battles fought near by during the Rebellion in 1914.

One of the construction camps was situated on the farm Sternham – renamed during the Great Trek Centenary in 1939 to Groblershoop, as a tribute to the Minister of Land Affairs, Mr Piet Grobler.


The successful stock farming and wine production in the region is built on hard work and pioneering spirit of early residents. Not only the ancient donkey made it’s mark in the Groblershoop area!

Development in the region was really kick started by the construction of the Boegoeberg dam and water channels in 1929. The project was used by the government of the time to create jobs for hundreds of very poor white people. Those who lost their jobs on mines and elsewhere flocked to the construction sites and worked like slaves for meager wages and an opportunity to rent some land. Groblershoop is currently a main source of export for table grapes and sultana’s. A modern abattoir with 130 employees processes livestock from surrounding farms, while the local wine cellars has an annual intake of 12 000 tons of grapes. Since 2000 Groblershoop forms part of the !Kheis Munisipality with its offices in Groblershoop.

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Vital Statistics:
110km East of Upington
300km West of Kimberley
Rain fall: 200mm per annum
15 044 residents (2002)
12 schools
4 health clinics
Green Kalahari Tourism
!Kheis Municipality (054) 833 0138